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Israel Chua

Chua Jialiang Israel was borned in Singapore in 1989. Since young, he developed an avid interest in video games, board games, toy games – games in general. He played his first computer game on an old Macintosh when he was 5 years old or under.

Over the years, Israel discovered his calling as a Game Developer and Designer. He enrolled into NYP, Diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology in 2006. He worked closely with Bryan Dismas Yeo throughout his 3 years of study, which includes Coding, working with Game Engines, Game and Level Design, Web Design, etc.
Israel has knowledge of C++, C#, J2ME, Flash AS3, PHP, HTML+CSS, and so on.
Israel spent 2 months at Envisage Reality in 2009 as a Game Programmer. He worked on an XBox 360 Live Arcade game titled “Armor Valley”. He was given the task to code game logic, re-factor messy code into modular code, design 10 levels and balance game-play.
Israel now aspires to be a future Game Designer cum Developer, and to start a successful Video Game Company that will put Singapore on the world map of the Games Industry.

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